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Ecommerce solution that allows you to organize products, customize a storefront & accept payments.


The Asana modules enable you to monitor your tasks and manage tasks, projects, teams, users, workspaces, stories, or attachments in your Asana account.

Getting Started with Asana


  • An Asana account

In order to use Asana with inMultifamily, it is necessary to have an Asana account. If you do not have one, you can create an Asana account at

Connecting Asana to inMultifamily

To connect your Asana account to inMultifamily, follow the general instructions for Connecting to services.

After you click the Continue button, Make will redirect you to the Asana website.

If you are already logged into Asana, the connection will be automatically established. If not, log into your Asana account.

Flow Control

Build workflows with various outcomes and process multiple records, collectively or separately.

Data Manipulation

Easily transform your data into any format using a wide range of drag and drop functions.

Execution History

Go back in time and analyze every step of a workflow execution to identify the cause of errors.


Control the execution of workflow actions with conditional statements.

Error Handling

Never let a critical process fail. Setup an alternative workflow for when things go wrong.

HTTP Webhooks

Send requests to any public API and trigger your workflow from any external web service.
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