Connecting Services

To automate with most apps nectarflow, you must first create a connection.

Through this connection, nectarflow communicates with the third-party service according to the settings of your specific scenario.

For example, if you want to create a scenario in which you intend to work with Mailchimp, you must first grant access permission to your Mailchimp account.

Create a connection
‍Go to your scenario and choose the mdule you want to use. If a given module requires a connection to a service, Connection is the first option.

2. Click Add.

3. A default connection name appears. You can change the name if you want.
4. Click save.

5. When creating a connection to most third-party services, inMultifamily redirects you to their web page which prompts you to grant nectarflow access to your data.

6. When prompted, authorize nectarflow.

You have now successfully established the connection.

Access rights
‍For every connection,  requires only those access rights necessary to successfully complete a specific scenario.

For example, if you create a scenario that downloads posts from Facebook, inMultifamily will not ask for permission to post them.

Unfortunately, not all services allow you to limit access to only specific tasks. Therefore, inMultifamily requires full access rights.

For detailed information on how your data is secured and protected inMultifamily, click here.

Managing connections
‍You can manage your connections in the Connections section. Here you can see which permissions inMultifamily has for each connection and rename, reauthorize, or delete existing connections.

Click Verify to check if a connection to a service is established.

Renewing a connections
nectarflow usually obtains access rights to a given service for an unlimited period of time. However, this is not always the case. With some services, you must renew the access permission after a certain period of time. To renew a connection, click Reauthorize in the Connections section.

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